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Big3 Entertainment
Big3 Entertainment, the housing company for Big3 Records, WE Productions, Jam Management and Mojo Rizin Publishing, is a multi-faceted music company with an impressive team of experienced and hands-on industry pros, headed by Chairman and CEO, Bill Edwards.

Financial powerhouse Bill Edwards brought with him a passion for music and an instinct for how to make things happen that has allowed this independent record label going into it's sixth year in business to acquire the best artists and executives the music industry has to offer. Big3 Records, which was named 'Best Independent Record Label of 2003’ at the 13th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, is quickly making a name for itself with both industry insiders and right out front with the fans.

In 2003, Big3 Records was proud to announce the appointment of 27 year music veteran David Leach who has now assumed the role of General Manager. Leach's first order of business at Big3 was to sign up legendary rockers Cheap Trick to the independent label. Not only did they release their new album, Special One, on Big3 Records during the summer of 2003, but they have also brought with them a catalog of music and hits to re-release at their discretion. Leach's rich music history had him serving as Exec. VP of Marketing & Promotion for Edel North America, as well as Exec. VP of Island Def Jam Music Group. He served as Exec. VP/GM of Mercury Records in 1994 and President/COO of Worldwide Entertainment Group representing such artists as Duncan Sheik and Courtney Love before signing on with Big3 Records.

In addition to rock icons Cheap Trick, Big3 boasts an impressive roster of new and seasoned talent and an eclectic mix of musical talent:

Macho Man Randy Savage has been one of the most successful and colorful characters in the world of WWE wrestling history. Randy has now parlayed his talent into music and on October 7th, 2003 released his debut album, Be A Man, on Big3 Records. With 13 tracks jam packed with hip-hop, R&B, a love song and even a title track calling out his one time wrestling nemesis, Hulk Hogan, "Be A Man", is a real crowd pleaser and a must have party CD.

Classic rock superstar and the original Guitar Man, Rick Derringer, also joined forces with Big3 in 2002. In October of 2002, Derringer released a Smooth Jazz album of his 70s classic rock hits, "Free Ride," "Frankenstein" and "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo".

The spring of 2003, brought two new releases for Big3 Records. Vesica Pisces, a Pop/Rock foursome who won the '2000 Los Angeles Music Award for Best Adult/Contemporary Artist' released their debut album, Halfway to Naked, on Big3 in April 2003. Halfway to Naked was produced entirely by Jack Douglas, the Grammy Award Winning Producer of John Lennon's final album, Double Fantasy.

Following that with a release date of May 6th, 2003 was solo artist and songwriter, Rachel Farris, whose debut album, Soak, released its first single to radio in March. "I'm Not The Girl" immediately catapulted to "Most Added Hot AC & Top 40 Mainstream!" In addition, Rachel was chosen to be the launch artist for "LidRock," a new form of music delivery and distribution. From June 27th through the end of July more than 5 million mini-CDs with Rachel's picture, her music video, and a two song sampling from her debut album were distributed at all Regal and United Artists Theatres, followed by Universal Theme parks in Los Angeles and Orlando.

Impromp2, a Neo/Soul twosome, scored big with a nearly gold album a few years ago on Mojazz, a division of Motown. With the release of the current album, Definition of Love, Impromp2 is again making fans with their single, "Mocha Soul," a duet with singer/spoken word artist/actress Kim Fields, and touring all over the world with their sexy live show.

AJA, a sister act, pronounced Ah-Jah, are as soulful as they are beautiful. This dynamic duo temporarily moved to St. Petersburg, Florida to complete their debut album, which was produced in Big3's studio with their own 'in-house' producers along with legendary mega-producers Desmond Child and Mario "Yellow Man" Winans. The release of the self-titled album, AJA, hit the stores October 7th, 2003 and was preceded with a 40-city tour with R&B superstars, B2K.

September 2003 brought yet another huge opportunity and merger to Big3 Records. Hit producer/songwriter Mario "Yellow Man" Winans signed a joint venture imprint deal with Big3. The new imprint, Yellow City/Big3 Records, was signed by Chairman and CEO Bill Edwards to provide "Yellow Man" the opportunity to write and produce new talent for the label imprint including Lil' Eddie and provide A&R for Big3's current roster of artists. "Yellow Man" remains part of P. Diddy's mega prolific writing and producing collective, "The Hitmen."

With so much talent, an 'in-house' radio promotion staff, state of the art studios and producers, a new distribution deal with Warner Entertainment's WEA a wholly-owned subsidiary, ADA, and a seasoned group of industry veterans who bring years of experience to this new independent label, 2004 is shaping up to be a banner year for everyone involved with Big3 Records.

Big3 Entertainment: The Total Package.

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Mission Statement

To provide consumers with the highest quality musical product in the global marketplace, using state of the art technology and an experienced, knowledgeable and visionary staff to discover and promote cutting edge artists, writers and producers in order to create a trend setting, market-leading product. Big3 Entertainment is committed to a conscientious effort to uphold the values and integrity of our music’s influence over our fans and those fans’ influence on their words.

Jam Management
Jam Management manages the artists on the Big3 Records label creating a synergistic environment to maximize the artist’s talent and hard work.

William Edwards Productions
William Edwards Productions was initially established to produce the various live events performed by new artists on the Big3 label. Today they are a full-service production company capable of booking, promoting and producing live tours, concerts, corporate events, media and civic events and many other live ventures.

William Edwards Production utilizes state of the art road equipment for sound, video and light staging at public events. The company is also committed to using top of the line production, tour and stage managers, as well as the very best in sound engineers.

Mojo Rizin Publishing
One of the most valuable assets of any publishing company is the sound catalog it develops through its artists, writers, and producers. Mojo Rizin Publishing is rapidly developing a substantial and valuable catalog that will only grow in size and value over time.

Mojo Rizin Publishing is dedicated to protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights of all artists, writers and producers with whom they have contractual agreements. As the administrator of the song catalog, Mojo Rizin maintains significant control over the utilization of the product it protects and the royalties they generate. The company is constantly seeking new placement of product in ventures such as TV commercials, movie soundtracks, music compilations and many other media events.

Big3 Records
Big3 Records is a dynamic independent record label that was introduced to develop, record and market, new and established musical artists. Big3 Records is fully committed to providing each artist on its label every opportunity for a successful career. From state-of-the-art studio equipment to quality producers, writers, engineers, managers and tour production, Big3 leaves no stone unturned on the road to success.

Yellow City/Big3 Records
Hit producer-songwriter Mario "Yellow Man" Winans, who has worked with artists including P. Diddy, Limp Bizkit, Jennifer Lopez, David Bowie and Mary J. Blige, has signed a joint venture imprint deal with Big3 Records. The new imprint will be known as Yellow City/Big3 Records and was signed by Big3 Chairman/CEO, Bill Edwards. The deal will provide Mario "Yellow Man" the opportunity to sign, write and produce new talent for the new label imprint and provide A&R for Big3's current roster of artists.

Big3 Studios
Big3 Studios is involved in all record production functions including recording, producing, mixing, editing, engineering and mastering. With its many studios ranging from vocal training and choreography to state of the art recording rooms, this 7,000 square foot complex does it all. Having access to this magnificent facility is one of the many assets that set Big3 apart from the other independent labels.


  Executive Team
  William Edwards, Owner/Chairman 
  Thomas Gribbin,
Executive Vice President
  David Leach,
General Manager
  Jim "Pinky" Beeman,
VP/Chief Engineer